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Road towards the mountainsMagical light in Death ValleyCoyote in Furnace CreekDawn in Death Valley on a salt flatHorses in the meadowsHot CreekSouth Tufas Mono LakeSnow, Tufas and golden light at sunset in Mono LakeWhite Salt, Blue Snow and Golden LightLit up treesTree shapes illuminated against the shaded rockFarm in the mountainsAlabama Hills in Lone Pine California at sunriseDusk - Alabama Hills in Lone Pine CaliforniaWinter colors in the Alabama Hills, Lone Pine CaliforniaBlue mountains  in the background as the  setting sun brings  out the colors of the grasses and vegetationSunset at Mono-LakeGrasses in the Twilight at Mono-LakeBlues and Pinks in Mono LakeZabriskie Point - Death Valley