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On a rainy day on Bonne BayCloser in on the rocky land - misty day on Bonne BayStill Closer look at the rock - Bonne BayBold Eagle in Bonne Bay - I saw over a dozen Bold Eagles along the coastline while we passed over the water in a boat on the BayBold Eagle and her nest - Bonne BayCloser view of Eagle and her nestDo you see the little bird?Closer view on the little bird I captured in flightAnother EagleAs far as we traveled along the coastline, there were Eagles; some opening their wings to dry out from the rain and some just watching on branches...Bold EagleAmazing profile of a Bold EagelBald Eagle drying out his wingsBold EagleThis Vast Beautiful LandMysterious waters of Bonne BayLighthouse on Bonne Bay, NL, CanadaColorful Homes next to Bonne BayThe colors of Newfoundlandcolors of Newfoundland