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Pololu Valley Lookout - Big Island HawaiiThe Chain of Craters Road from Volcano - the lava from the 1970-1972 flowsAnother creature captured in the lava turned to stoneChain of Craters road - God- rays over the lava flows towards the oceanApproaching Hawaii Big Island from the airSunset over the Kona BayChain of Craters road exposes ghost-trees against the black lava flow over the terrainChain of Craters road is miniaturized against the vast black flows down the great mountainA full rainbow with a second shadow after a rainstorm in KonaHiking through the sulfur vents in Volcano near the craterPele the Goddess of Hawaii's Volcanoes painted by Herb Kawainui Kane.Lava glowing at night in the VolcanoDo not disturb Earth - she is steaming hot under the cracks - Volcano HawaiiOfferings to Pele on the Lava Rocks Volcano HawaiiFlower offerings on the rocks to the Hawaiian gods of ocean and fireSouth Point - Big Island HawaiiThe elegance of the treeAfter a stormy day - Mauna KeaStanding precariously on a slope Mauna Kea HawaiiSulfer fumes released from the earth - Volcano Hawaii