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Taughannock Falls from the top downPeeping through the Vail of Fall leaves on the River at Taughannock FallsTaughannock Falls from the bottom upWatkins Glen State ParkWet LeavesWatkins Glen State ParkTaughannock FallsTrees growing out of the rocks beside the river at Taughannock FallsTaughannock FallsWatkins Glen very early in the morningWatkins Glen in the late morningWatkins Glen in late morning lightWatkins GlenMoss on the rock rims next to the running water - Watkins Glen State Park, NYWatkins Glen, NYSoothing streams during Fall in Watkins Glen State Park, NYWatkins GlenFall in Watkins Glen,NYA Vail of water against the rocky walls - Watkins Glen, NYWatkins Glen - NY