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Guestbook for All Photographs
Brent McCullough(non-registered)
So many of your photographs are deeply resonant for me, they touch my heart and soul. And this is also true of the lovely poems you have composed, which I found on your other web site.
Poignant, full of depth and revelations. I'm so grateful you are able to share these gifts with others.
Hi... just a note (hope you don't mind) to say that your photos are simply "fantastic"... great job !!
And it's the same for your husband's work... i spent about three hours watching them... completely captured by what i was looking... i'm just an amateur, nature photography is my favourite... it could be a dream for me to be able to do something like that one day... there's a lot of wonderful places and the photos are very well done... when you look them it's like being in those magical places... and it's a great sensation...
Congratulations... your pictures have simply "hit my soul" !!
Best regards... Lou.
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