Wandering the streets of Paris in an emotional ‘burnout’ state of mind at the time, I did not consciously realize the beauty and mystery I actually perceived which brought me back to my normal self, until I processed my photographs. Feeling recharged and energetic because of my visit, the images that at first glance were not very meaningful actually contained wonderful stories and a loveliness that I now appreciate in my photographs. I realize that my subconscious assimilated the nurturing passion of Paris through my camera lens. I experienced Paris as a passionate and dramatic ‘black and white’ city with splotches of primary and neon colors, which accentuate the passion and mystery of ancient and new sensations it provoked in me.
Magical MemoriesDreaming a futureLouvreLouvreLouvreLouvreNotre-Dame De ParisEifle TowerIntersectionNotre-Dame De ParisEifle TowerWalking on the bridge of LoveWhere are we?Padlocks of love promisesHorse and CarriageLovingLightLight on the bridgeNew Form, La DéfenseEifle Tower