Faces tell it all - Women in India.

These photos were taken on the street in Bangalore and Varanasi, India,
usually in the early morning or evening. I tried to avoid harsh light
and I also first made eye contact with these women by smiling with
acknowledgement and appreciation as they were going about their daily
doings. They responded to my regard of them by speaking back with
expressions in their eyes and faces that tells the stories of life as a
woman in India. Their pensive expressions veil a mystery that guards the
secrets of subtle scars of life in their faces. I used a Nikon 800E with
a 70- 200mm lens and usually shot at F 2.8 or F 3.5, ISO variable as the
light requires.
Genie trapped in the Bottle - 2014The Vision of Hope - 2014Emerge from the Mausoleum - 2014Liberation - 201420132013201320132013