It was a snowy day on Amherst Island. We saw a couple of Snowy Owls on posts ready to hunt field mice. The atmosphere during stages of heavy snowfall, with the biggest snowflakes you have ever seen, was difficult to capture with my lens. How wonderful our eyes are to assimilate information around us in the most perfect way. Here is an attempt to share with you some of how I felt and what I observed during this magical day.
The ferry from the mainland to the IslandSnowy Owl while it was snowingIce on Lake Ontario break in tiles piling up along the shores shining an eery blue transparency.Road around the shore of Lake OntarioMoody atmosphere at some cottages on Amerst Island in the snowAnother Snowy Owl on another post after the snowfall stoppedBlack-sheep...Black-sheep..have you any wool?FarmsFarmlandUnusual tree at the corner