Rebirth is a Reverse Growing.
When the ground is pulled from under me, I find the light in that deepest darkness times and slowly become aware of how that light is truly beautiful, like the flower in the photo symbolizes, because it grows downwards, back into me and the earth with a different seed. What has previously been seeded by human reality and grew towards the sun, is now seeded by God’s Light and grows back into reality with a divine energy that cannot perish. The energy takes form and settles in ground as it matures. This is transformation and healing on the deepest level. I have to remind myself to forget about what I have learned about the linear rules that applies to life on earth, for those rules sometimes feeds my fears. The rules of healing are opposite to the rules of survival. And yet I am constantly confronted by the rules of survival as long as I am alive. Balancing these two sides of my being is tricky because I easily get trapped in ideas that keep me concrete. I want to rather realize Light into this life.
The only way to find that Light is to look at the dark challenges of pain and suffering as an opportunity to heal by transformation. But it is in this process that we find that light that grows downwards and manifest in our earthly life as divine energy.
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