My husband Gerald and I, escaped cold Ottawa, Canada, to spend some time in this desert land, known as Death Valley near the border of California and Nevada in the Great Basin, east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, hoping for some spring warmth and good photography. We found both.
The immense scale of vast vistas and magical colors of the mountains, valleys and landscape, intoxicated our spirits. We could not get enough of the beauty we found here. Rainstorms and electric skies covered the snow capped mountains, with light performances rarely seen. Reflections on the waterlogged salt-crusted Badwater valley created a gargantuan mirror to the skies, so thrilling we could hardly stop clicking the buttons on our cameras. Then there were times we could only be in awe of Nature and forgot about cameras.
I would like to share some of my beautiful captured moments with you. Enjoy!
NestbuildingDunes, Death ValleyDunes, Death ValleyDante's View, Death ValleyDante's View, Death ValleyArtist's Palette, Death ValleyBad Water, Death ValleyBad Water, Death ValleyBad Water, Death ValleyBad Water, Death ValleyZabriski Point, Death ValleyZabriski Point, Death ValleyDante's View, Death ValleyDeath ValleySinrize in Death ValleyBlue mountainsDrying MudDeath ValleyDeath ValleyDeath Valley